Fire Resisting Core Board for Doors

Utilising advanced Batiboard panels Sitek Insulation is able to offer effective performances within fire doors.

Made from expanded perlite, fibres and binders, Batiboard provides the ideal fire resistant inlay within fire doors. Batiboard exhibits key properties such as good fire behaviour but also lightness, stiffness and long service life, making it an ideal construction material.

Sitek Insulation utilise 3 distinct classifications of Batiboard for fire door insulation:

  • Batiboard 150
  • Batiboard 200
  • Batiboard 250

These classifications all have important characteristics such as lightness, stiffness and durability. They are available as monolithic and multi-layer boards, are compatible with a variety of door producer processes and other layers and can be machined to bespoke dimensions. They differ in their fire behaviour: typically, Batiboard 150 is used for 30mn fire rated doors, Batiboard 200 for 60mn fire rated doors and Batiboard 250 for more than 60mn fire rated doors.

If you are interested in using Batiboard as core board for fire doors then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs.