Mastic Asphalt

By using specific products for mastic asphalt screed insulation, Sitek Insulation can deliver highly effective insulation solutions.

The heat resistance of our insulation board products means they are ideally suited to the high temperatures that feature within mastic asphalt screed processes. Offering a solution proven over a number of years Sitek Insulation products deliver effective acoustical and thermal insulation.

Mastic asphalt screed insulation products include:

  • Retrofit GAFesco GA
  • Fesco ETS
  • Fesco ETS 5+
  • Retrofit GA
  • SilvaGard

These products fall into two main categories, EPB (expandable Perlite Board) and PIR (Polyisocyanurate). Fesco is classified as EPB because the main content within the insulation is the natural mineral perlite. Perlite is an unlimited natural material, the product of lava meeting the sea and provides effective insulation. Other ingredients within Fesco products include cellulose, mineral fibre, starch and bitumen. Other Fesco products have specific characteristics, like the resistance to load possessed by Fesco GA and Retrofit GA and the acoustical insulation provided by the additional layer of mineral wool in Fesco ETS and Fesco ETS 5+.

SilvaGard is a special PIR (Polyisocyanurate) hard foam insulation board covered on both sides with a stabile aluminium foil. It has been developed for use underneath Fesco GA and Retrofit GA, always in combination with mastic asphalt screed in order to be protected by the EPB products from the high temperature during asphalt application. The combination of mastic asphalt screed, EPB products and SilvaGard provides the best compromise on small flooring height and insulation value.

Benefits of Sitek Insulation Insulation Boards:

  • EPB products are heat resistant up to 400-500⁰C – withstanding the 250⁰C temperature in the mastic asphalt screed process.
  • Inherent sound reduction and thermal insulation capacity.
  • Asphalt can be applied to the surface directly with no additional lining.
  • Boards of only 2.5-4cm are needed (depending on the load)

Sitek Insulation products have been tested in publically accredited laboratories and proven to deliver outstanding sound reduction and durability, so much so that they are now the standard in mastic asphalt screed insulation. If you are interested in using our products in your applications, contact us today.