Steel Deck Roof Fire Safety Insulation

Using products from the Fesco range Sitek Insulation can provide advanced fire safety solutions specifically for roofing insulation applications.

Utilising products from the Fesco range Sitek Insulation delivers high performance fire safety insulation particularly for steel deck roof applications. Fesco C and Fesco C-DO are used as fire barrier insulation board due to their resistance to fire, although they also have many other advantageous properties.

Fesco D-DOFesco C exhibits properties such as excellent compressive strength, durability and dimensional stability. From an installation perspective it supports all waterproofing systems on the market, provides flexure resistance for the steel deck valley width and can resist heavy traffic. Fesco C-DO offers additional properties such as no thermal bridging, lightness and thinness.

The reason Fesco products are used effectively for roof insulation is that they offer good resistance to fire and heat load, helping to meet legislative requirements and standards. They also provide a long service life to improve cost effectiveness, whilst the thin profile and low weight of roofing systems ensure that installation costs are minimised.

If you are interested in utilising Sitek insulation boards within your roof fire safety applications please get in touch to discuss your requirements.