Insulation for Hydraulic Screeds

The advanced properties of our insulation boards for hydraulically setting screeds such as cement screeds ensure one of the best insulation solutions available today.

Sitek Insulation insulation products for concrete floors help to create high quality living spaces through thermal and impact sound insulation. These products have specific features and properties that ensure highly effective insulation.

Insulation boards for hydraulic screeds:

  • Retrofit GA
  • Fesco GA
  • Fesco ETS 5+
  • SilvaGard
  • Expert Board SF

Fesco products consist of expanded perlite, which has a high insulating value. Fesco products also contain materials such as cellulose, mineral fibre, starch and bitumen emulsion. SilvaGard is a PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid foam insulation board with strong aluminium foil on both sides and is used in combination with Fesco products.

Fesco GA offers high strength against point and area loads and is used when building a floating screed to bridge the gaps between the raw ceiling and the screed. By laying Fesco GA boards in a bond, a well insulating and stable base can be created for the application of the screed.

Fesco ETS 5+ has an additional layer of mineral wool in each case to achieve a different density, which makes it possible to achieve excellent sound reduction. SilvaGard is used in combination with Fesco GA and has one of the best lambda values on the market, which means that this product perfectly meets the requirements for energy saving.

If you are interested in using our insulation boards for hydraulic setting screeds in your construction or renovation projects, please contact us to discuss your requirements.