Insulation for Mastic Asphalt Screeds

Sitek Insulation can provide highly effective insulation solutions by using specially developed products for mastic asphalt screed insulation.

The heat resistance of our insulation board products ensures that they are suitable for the high temperatures encountered when laying mastic asphalt screeds. With these solutions proven many times over now for over 50 years, Sitek Insulation products provide highly effective thermal, impact and airborne sound insulation.

Insulation materials for mastic asphalt screeds:

  • Retrofit GA
  • Fesco GA
  • Fesco ETS 5+
  • SilvaGard
  • Expert Board SF

These products fall into two main categories:

EPB (Expanded Perlite Board) and PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation boards. Retrofit GA, Fesco GA and Fesco ETS 5+ are expanded perlite insulation boards because the insulation material consists mainly of the natural mineral perlite. Perlite is an almost-infinite natural material that is formed when lava pours into the sea. It provides effective insulating properties after thermal expansion. Other components of these products are cellulose, mineral fibre, starch and possibly bitumen emulsion. Expanded perlite products have specific characteristics, for example, resistance to load from above, as in Fesco GA and Retrofit GA, and acoustic decoupling through an additional layer of mineral wool in Fesco ETS 5+.

SilvaGard is a special PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid foam insulation board with a stable aluminium foil on both surfaces. It was developed for installation under Fesco GA and Retrofit GA, usually in conjunction with mastic asphalt screeds. The expanded perlite insulation boards serve as a protective shield for the PIR insulation boards against the high temperatures during the installation of the mastic asphalt and are placed above the PIR boards.

Board thicknesses of 25 - 40 mm are sufficient as a heat shield (rel. temperature load). Mastic asphalt screeds in combination with expanded perlit insulation boards and SilvaGard rigid foam insulation boards offer the best solutions for optimally insulated floors, especially at low installation heights.

Advantages of Sitek Insulation insulation boards:

  • Expanded perlite insulation boards are heat-resistant up to approx. 450⁰ C - they can thus easily withstand the approx. 250⁰ C that occurs during the installation of mastic asphalt screeds.
  • Soundproofing effect and thermal insulation.
  • Asphalt can be laid directly, without joints, on a layer of raw glass fleece, ribbed cardboard, wool felt cardboard or construction paper.
  • Board thicknesses of 25 - 40 mm are sufficient as a heat shield (relative temperature load).

Sitek Insulation products have been tested in accredited laboratories and provide excellent compressive strengths as well as impact and airborne sound improvements, making them the standard insulation for mastic asphalt screeds for a long time. If you are interested in using our products for your applications, please feel free to contact us.