When you need insulation board capable of withstanding high pressures Sitek Insulation can offer a selection of products which deliver an effective, durable and long lasting solution.

Specifically for the parking market, these insulation board products offer effective thermal insulation, sitting under waterproofing systems and asphalt concrete. Each of the products for parking applications meets EN 13169 and is produced in a facility with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Parking insulation products include:

  • Fesco SP / LT BoardFesco SP
  • Fesco LT
  • Fesco SP/LT
  • FescoDrain
  • FescoDrain S

Fesco SP, LT and SP/LT

Fesco SP, LT and SP/LT insulating board is made up of expanded perlite, fibres and binders. Fesco SP acts as an overlay to Fesco LT, creating an insulation layer that is perfect for use within car parks for light vehicles, pedestrians and even roof gardens.

  • High pressure resistance
  • Resistance to compression and indentation
  • Compatible with hot bitumen


FescoDrain provides an insulation board solution for sloped roofs to assist with water drainage without modifying the structure. Sitek Insulation is ideally placed to provide these boards in a wide range of slopes thanks to an advanced pyramidal shapes system (crickets) .

  • Compression and indentation resistant
  • Dimensional stability
  • Certified thermal properties

If you are interested in using our insulation boards in the building or refurbishment of a car park roof, roof garden or terrace, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.