Insulation for Sports Floors, Places of Assembly and Escape Routes

The non-combustible and also highly compressive insulation board Expert Board SF (A2,s1,d0) is preferably used under sports floors in public and private sports and multi-purpose halls.

It fulfils the requirements of the German Model Ordinance on Places of Assembly (MVStättVO) for the non-combustibility of insulation materials. It is therefore suitable to be placed under area-elastic sports floor structures as well as all other buildings or halls that have to fulfil the requirements of the MVStättVO.

Expert Board SF is also suitable for use under escape routes, corridors and stairwells used for evacuation purposes.

Expert Board SF thermal insulation boards are cost-effectively laid butt-jointed in a bond, possibly on perlite levelling fill. There is no need for time-consuming washing in hot bitumen, etc.

They are easy to cut and process, ecologically degradable and recyclable.

The expected service life of Expert Board SF corresponds to the total service life of the building.

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