Building Envelope Fire Protection & Safety

Within the building envelope Sitek Insulation insulating boards provide high performance fire protection and fire safety solutions.

Sitek Insulation products are ideally suited to use as fire protection & fire safety insulation in building envelope applications. Manufactured using expanded perlite , mineral fibres and binders Fesco and Batiboard products offer advanced solutions to meet fire protection & fire safety building regulations and standards during construction or renovation projects.

Building envelope fire protection& fire safety insulation products include:

  • Fesco CFesco
  • Fesco C
  • Fesco C-DO
  • Batiboard 100

These products are used within a variety of applications; for example Fesco C can be used as a fire screen layer underneath PUR/PIR/PF foams for flat roofs whilst Batiboard and Fesco C can be used as a fire screen layer for foams in timber deck roofs and traditional pitched roofs.

In a similar vein Fesco C-DO is used as a fire screen layer for steel deck roofs underneath EPS foams. Fesco C and Fesco are both used as the top layer of insulation underneath the waterproof membrane to protect roofs from external sources of fire; Fesco C being used for steel and timber deck roofs, Fesco for concrete slab roofs.

These products exhibit key characteristics such as good resistance to fire and heat load but also resistance to heavy traffic, durability and long service life. From an installation standpoint they are also compatible with all of the waterproofing systems on the market and allow for installation of photovoltaic electricity production technology.

If you are interested in utilising either Fesco or Batiboard products as fire protection & fire safety insulation within the building envelope, please contact us today to discuss the requirements of your specific application.