About Us

Quality & Commitment

Boasting the world’s largest Fourdrinier production line, the MTC Wissembourg plant is capable of manufacturing boards of up to 3 metres in length. This production capacity applies to high temperature boards and blok made from Superwool® and RCF fibre as well as a range of Fesco and Batiboard products catering specifically for construction applications.

Our Team

As well as the production of thermal insulation, fire protection,fire safety and acoustical insulation products, MTC Wissembourg also has the capabilities to cut, sand, and coat boards in order to meet custom requirements. Whilst our core markets are in Europe, we are able to distribute our products globally through the Morgan Ceramics network.

As an ISO 9001 certified plant MTC Wissembourg can guarantee robust quality management processes whilst ISO 14001 certification highlights our commitment to minimising our environmental impact.