Interior Insulation

Clever solution for mould protection.

Expert Klima offers maximum thermal insulation and, thanks to its capillary-active properties, regulates moisture in the interior. The development of mould is thus prevented right from the start. From the Expert Klima insulation board in thicknesses 25 or 40 mm to the Reveal Board for Expert Klima and Insulation Wedge for Expert Klima - the integrated system offers the right solution for every application and consists of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Products used within this system:

  • Expert Klima
  • Insulation Wedge for Expert Klima
  • Reveal Board for Expert Klima

These products are made using expanded perlite, fibres and binders.

Everything about energy saving, interior insulation, mould protection and the "Expert Klima System" can be found here.


The protection of the environment is a constant concern in the production, application, elimination and recycling of our boards. Expert Klima is a tried and tested, officially approved and quality-controlled construction material:

  • CE-marking: Certificate ACERMI N° 1163-CPR-499
  • Certified by RAL UZ 132 (Blue Angel) for “Low-Emission Thermal Insulation Material and Suspended Ceilings for Indoor Use“: N° Contract 36561
  • Certified by Micor Institut: Neither material degradation nor an ingrowth into deeper material layers or structural changes could be observed, thus, resistance to mould growth was confirmed. No Certificate 07042017-1
  • ANSES: Agence nationale de sécurité, de l'alimentation, de l'environment et du travail confirmed according to Directive on the limitation of VOC emissions (by construction products) in indoor air: R value according to AFSSET 0,40 *
  • Emissions to indoor air: A+ (very low emissions) according to decree N° 2011-321 from March 25th, 2011 (VOC regulation) of the French Ministry of Ecology on Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.

Expert Klima is easy to install. The board can be finished in three different ways, depending on the desired surface (plaster or gypsum board), the scope of the planned technical building equipment and the building fabric.