Flooring Insulation

Over 45 year’s experience of hassle free installation!

Sitek utilise a variety of different products in flooring insulation applications to provide an advanced solution that provides highly effective performance and helps achieve energy efficient buildings.

Flooring insulation products include:

  • Fesco GA
  • Fesco ETS
  • Fesco ETS 5+
  • Retrofit GA
  • SilvaGard

Flooring insulation products are utilised as they effectively insulate against the cold of the ground, particularly in unheated cellars where they can create a comfortable living environment and help to save energy.

Flooring insulation boards, including EPB (Expandable Perlite Board) and PIR (Polyisocyanurate) products are used underneath the screed. Their robustness and abilities to withstand high surface and point loads ensure they are fit for purpose whilst our 45+ year’s experience of hassle free installation demonstrates their suitability in a construction context.

Flooring insulation boards are also made from natural and recycled materials and are recyclable themselves for a environmentally conscious solution. They can be used in both mastic asphalt screed and concrete applications.

If you are interested in utilising Sitek flooring insulation in your construction or renovation projects, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.