Flooring Insulation

Sitek Insulation recommends using different products in combination for floor insulation in order to achieve advanced, effective solutions and to realise energy-efficient buildings.

For more than 50 years, thermal and impact sound insulation boards based on expanded perlite have been produced for the construction industry in Wissembourg, Alsace. Sitek Insulation therefore has many years of experience and the corresponding consulting competence with regard to properly constructed floor constructions.

Sitek Flooring Insulation:

  • Retrofit GA
  • Fesco GA
  • Fesco ETS 5+
  • SilvaGard
  • Expert Board

Sitek floor insulation boards are used as an effective solution for insulation against floor cold from the ground or from unheated basements, creating pleasantly tempered living spaces and saving considerable energy.

Retrofit and Fesco expanded perlite insulation boards, possibly in combination with SilvaGard high-performance insulation boards, are placed under the screed for the purpose of thermal protection. Their toughness and pressure resistance to high surface and point loads ensure that they are ideally suited for this purpose. Their use is basically only limited by the lifetime of the building.

The Fesco ETS 5+ multi-layer insulation board is the best impact sound insulation available on the market under mastic asphalt screed, proven by various impact sound tests conducted by renowned institutes.

Expert Board SF is an A2-classified insulation board for use under sports floors, assembly areas and escape routes. Due to its simple and cost-effective installation, it offers considerable advantages over other non-combustible insulation materials.

Sitek floor insulation boards are made from natural perlite of volcanic origin as well as recycled materials, they are recyclable and thus offer environmentally friendly solutions. They can be used under mastic asphalt screeds as well as hydraulic setting screeds and in drywall construction.

If you are interested in using Sitek floor insulation boards for your construction or renovation projects, please contact us via this website, by email info@sitekinsulation.com.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide you with further information material and give you comprehensive advice.