Products & Applications

With access to advanced insulating and fire protection materials, Sitek Insulation can deliver a wide range of products suitable for numerous construction applications.


Sitek Insulation specialises in the use of Fesco insulating boards and Batiboard, manufacturing standard board sizes as well as products shaped in response to specific customer requirements. These products can be utilised across the construction industry, particularly within fire protection & safety, acoustical and thermal insulation applications.

  • Roofing
    Including steel deck, concrete slab, parking and drainage
  • Flooring
    Mastic asphalt and concrete
  • Fire Protection
    Batiboard for roofs, building envelopes and fire doors

Roofing Insulation

Waterproofing systems, fire and heat resistance, strength and long life .

Flooring Insulation

Highly effective performance for energy efficient buildings.

Fire Safety Insulation

Fire protection and Fire Safety Insulation.

Interior Insulation

Maximum living comfort, mould protection and high energy efficiency.

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)

Fibralloy™ Preforms for high performance Aluminium components.

Sustainable Insulation

Sustainable and "eco-friendly" building materials.

If you are interested in utilising Sitek Insulation products in your construction applications, please contact us today.