Fire Protection Boards

Sitek Insulation offers a range of products to be installed on job sites or to be integrated into OEM applications.

Products to be installed on job sites:

Fesco C, Fesco C-DO used as part of waterproofing systems. 

  • These products have certificates which meet mandatory requirements especially for public buildings. 
  • They are mainly used in roofing and flooring applications as a screen placed on a steel decks below organic insulating foams. Fesco C is used in combination with PIR and Fesco CDO was developed to be used below EPS.


Batiboard 100, 150, 200, 200+, 250 and A are integrated into fire protection products, especially doors. 

  • They contribute to fire safety and bring solutions in terms of weight, stability, mechanical and acoustic properties according to customer needs. 
  • The main applications are fire cores (all products in the range), dampers and ducts (Batiboard 150), thermal breakers (Batiboard 100 and A) and flooring elements (Batiboard 150).

Two new products in our Batiboard range of boards dedicated for fire protection applications! 

  • The Batiboard A, from 10 to 40 mm thick, is a dense board in which mechanical fixing of hardware is for the first time possible and which can be integrated in laminated cores for acoustic doors. 
  • The Batiboard 200+ for fire performances in reduced thickness and one of the lightest boards on the market. Both available in large sizes up to 3.00 m.

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