When renovating concrete slab or steel roofs, Retrofit products offer a solution that can help avoid structure modification costs and deliver long service life.

Retrofit roofing insulation boards are the perfect overlay board for use underneath waterproofing systems and can help in the cost effective refurbishment of either concrete slab or steel deck roofing.

Retrofit roofing insulation products include:

  • Retrofit SRetrofit
  • Retrofit S

Retrofit products deliver key characteristics such as good thinness, stiffness, durability and dimensional stability. They have been designed to help avoid structural modification and are compatible with all waterproofing systems on the market today for ease of installation. Retrofit roofing insulation boards can be used to protect high insulating materials and also allow the installation of photovoltaic equipment.

Retrofit insulation is used widely within the construction industry providing an advanced solution in applications such as renovating existing waterproof layers, refurbishing standing seam metal roofs or acting as insulation over mineral fibre boards.

Key Retrofit characteristics include:

  • Flat, robust overlay ideal for bituminous, PVC or mastic asphalt roofs
  • Low weight and thickness
  • Strength to prevent mineral fibre boards from being crushed
  • Stability for organic insulants
  • Recyclability

Sitek Insulation production capabilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and can help you to create a bespoke solution by tailoring the dimensions of your boards, in addition to a wide range of standard sizes. If you are interested in using Retrofit products in your renovation or refurbishment projects, why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?