When you need to incorporate slopes into your roof construction projects, Sitek Insulation have the ideal insulation products to meet your requirements.

We are able to offer a large range of sloped boards which can be used as thermal insulation underneath waterproofing systems. These products are suitable for concrete, steel and even wooden deck roofs. All sloped roof insulation boards are manufactured to the highest quality and meet the requirements of EN 13169, providing a highly capable solution.

Sloped roofing insulation products include:

  • FescoDrain
  • FescoDrain S

FescoDrain products have been designed to improve rain water drainage through the creation of slopes without structural modification. With our pyramidal shapes system (crickets) , a huge range of slopes and dimensions are possible. FescoDrain S differs slightly in that a bitumen layer has been applied to assist with the adhesion of membranes (such as waterproofing) by torch application.

Key FescoDrain characteristics include:

  • Durability and dimensional stability
  • Can be installed with photovoltaic electricity technology
  • Resists heavy traffic
  • Compatibility with all waterproofing systems available
  • Suitability for both new build and renovation projects

If you are interested in using FescoDrain sloped roof insulation in your project, please get in touch.